New Cross Back Spider Bras with Clasp

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**OSBC Original Design**

We are proud to have come up with such an amazing product to fit your attitude.  One size fits up to a 44 DDD comfortably, the pads are removable, it's made out of a VERY comfortable sports bra material that washes & drys very easily.  There's a reason why they come in such a variety of different colors; there is a color for every top that you have in your collection! This is a MUST HAVE for your wardrobe!  It literally goes with EVERYTHING & adds a touch of classy sexy to any outfit.  Time to JAZZ things up a little ladies! Let us start bringing life back into some of your looks!  

New Clasp Back Style Just Arrived, hook on Straps to transform straps to a cross back. Use this for all your tanks & Razor back tops!!! To use with ANY top we placed 2 Adjustable pieces on each strap for the option to move hook $28.99