About Us

As a woman rider, I found it was difficult to dress fashionably and still have the freedom and function of riding wear. Stylish biker apparel was limited, and when I found something I loved, it didn’t necessarily work to ride in. The sleeves were too short, the torso was too short, or there was not enough room in the arms to allow free movement. I also noticed that most clothing is more about the bike than the woman riding the bike. So I gave up buying, and started designing!

I established the company in January of 2010, creating the logo from a drawing that I did for a tattoo for myself. The desire to stand out and look as sexy as I felt fired the passion and determination to design apparel for women riders.

Every woman who rides is sexy! Whether you are the driver, the passenger, or just starting to dream about riding, it’s not a certain look…it’s your attitude! When I get on my bike I feel empowered. I can accomplish anything. I unwind, relax and enjoy. When I ride, I see who I am and who I want to become.

My company is dedicated to women who want to look and feel sexy. Even when you can’t ride, you can wear your attitude. It’s amazing how many people will stop and compliment you on your One Sexy Biker Chick® apparel. It’s a way to show the world your passion before you’ve even said a word.

I hope you’ll stop by our booth at one of the many shows and rallies we attend. If you can’t make it to the rallies, shop us online, and come back often to see new and sexy apparel and accessories. Some of our best ideas come from our customers, so please feel welcome to contact me with your thoughts. I am a woman designing for women.

Ride safe!