Big Bad Chain 100% Leather Hat

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They have FINALLY arrived on our website!! We are so excited to introduce the latest fashionable leather accessory to our OSBC line.  These are catching on very quickly & seem to be the latest fun trend to wear at rallies, out riding, or just because you can & they look so awesome! Hat bands do come off if you'd like so you can mix & match different ones. You can have them glued on as well. These are unisex.  100% Leather, of course, made with the best quality stitching & care.  VooDoo Hats even guarantee the hats FOR LIFE!!!  Besides the normal wear & tear, if there is any stitching that comes loose or there's an imperfection, you get the idea, they will replace it for you for free!  They/we stand behind their products 100%.  If you have any questions about any of them, please feel free to contact us.